Online User Terms of Service

Welcome to our exciting shopping site: 79joy

As an Internet company specializing in providing users with new and exciting shopping platforms, 

79joy is a passion project of the Company. When you register as a member and use the services available at the website, 

you and 79joy will be bound by this service agreement.

Please make sure you read the content of this service agreement carefully before signing up, 

especially the content written in bold font (the content of terms in bold font may materially affect your rights).

 If you have any questions, please contact 79joy customer service.

Upon confirmation of this service agreement, it will become legally enforceable between you and 79joy.

When you click the "Agree to the terms below and submit registration information" 

button during the registration process, it means you fully accept all terms in this agreement. 

Then follow the suggestions on the website to complete all registration steps.

79joy will amend the relevant provisions of this service agreement from time to time and 

reserves the right to amend all provisions of this agreement at any time as necessary. 

After the content of the agreement is modified, 79joy will promptly make announcements

 on important pages or prominent locations of the site. If you continue to use 79joy services,

 it means you have agreed to the changes in this agreement. If you do not agree with the amendment to the agreement content made by us, 

please call 79joy customer service to cancel your right to use the service.

This website reserves the right to modify or discontinue services at any time without notice to users. 

This website reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service without liability to users or third parties.


1. Member registration is the process where users log in to 79joy, 

fill in the relevant information as requested and confirm agreement with this website's service agreement.

2. 79joy members must be an individual with full civil capacity or a legal entity with legal business status.

 People without civil act capacity, people with limited civil act capacity, 

organizations without business licenses or specific business capacity are not allowed to register as members of 79joy. 

must not carry out transactions that exceed their civil rights or capacity. 

If not, 79joy has the right to immediately stop transactions with the user and cancel the member's account. 

Any legal liability arising, if any, will be borne by the member and 79joy has the right to require this member to bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.


When the user has successfully registered and become a legal member of this website. 

The user will be solely responsible for the security of the username and password, 

transactions using the password will be the responsibility of the user regardless of whether it is performed by the registered customer or not. 

Additionally, each user is solely responsible for all activities and events conducted under his or her username.

 If users discover any illegal use of user accounts or security vulnerabilities, please notify this website immediately.


1. Explanation: Purchase code: is a code randomly assigned to 79joy members after successfully ordering a product. 

Lucky code: is a code calculated by according to the agreed formula after all purchase codes of a product are sold out. 

The person whose purchase code matches the lucky code will receive the product they ordered.

2. 79joy commits to operating the website according to the following principles to 

ensure that all members enjoy the same rights and obligations on the 79joy website platform:

Principle of equality: Users and 79joy have the same legal status during the transaction process.

Principle of freedom: Before 79joy participates in the purchase, 

the user has a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the content of these terms of service, 

participation is completely voluntary, there is no misunderstanding or fraud. any.

Principle of fairness: Users and 79joy must follow the principle of fairness in exercising their rights and obligations.

Principle of good faith: Users and 79joy should follow the principle of good faith when exercising their rights and obligations.

Principle of fulfilling obligations: When a user participates in purchasing goods from 79joy,

 both the user and 79joy are obligated to complete the transaction according to this service agreement (except for transactions prohibited by law or this agreement).

3. 79joy rules: 79joy is a crowdfunding platform that displays products and purchase prices, 

the computer will calculate luck according to the agreed formula. 

The owner of the lucky code above will be the winner of the product.

 79joy acts as a third-party service platform that purchases products and completes deliveries. 

Therefore, 79joy cannot guarantee that any user who participates will definitely win the product. Moreover, 

the higher the product price, the more people will register, so the probability of the user winning the product will be higher. short.

Unless otherwise stated in the agreement, regardless of whether the user wins the product or not, 

the registration participation amount will be used to help others and cannot be returned.

Users are fully aware of the above risks when participating in 79joy.


1. Users have the right to have their login name and password at 79joy, 

use the login name and password to log in to 79joy to participate in purchases. 

Users may not transfer or allow others to use their 79joy username in any form.

2. Users have the right to ask about product information, post user experiences,

 participate in product discussions, invite friends, post product images,

 and participate in related activities on 79joy according to regulations of this agreement

 and related regulations are published on the 79joy website. Also enjoy other information services provided by 79joy.

3. Users are obliged to provide their real information when registering, 

ensuring the validity and authenticity of content such as email address, contact phone number, contact address, postal code, etc. 

ensures that 79joy can contact users through the above contact methods. 

At the same time, users are also obliged to update relevant registration information promptly when relevant information changes. 

Users ensure not to register at 79joy and participate in purchases using other people's information.

4. Users need to ensure compliance with the principles of honesty and reputation when participating in 79joy purchases, 

and not disrupt the normal order of online transactions.

5. After becoming a member of 79joy, users can receive accumulated points according to 79joy' point reward rules. 

Accumulated points can be used to redeem corresponding products as specified. 

The rules regarding the accumulation of points together with the terms and conditions relating to the rules, 

constitute the complete agreement between the user and 79joy. 

Accepting the terms of service means accepting the terms and conditions in the points earning rules.

6. Users enjoy freedom of expression and have the right to appropriate edits and deletion of articles posted by them. 

Users are not allowed to post statements containing the following content in 79joy:

1) Opposing the basic principles prescribed by the Constitution, inciting, 

resisting or sabotaging the implementation of the Constitution and administrative laws and regulations;

2) Inciting the overthrow of the state government, overthrowing the socialist system,

 inciting and dividing the country, destroying national unity;

3) Damage to national honor and interests;

4) Inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination, destroying national unity;

5) Anything that includes discrimination against race, gender, religion, geography, etc.;

6) Fabricating, distorting the truth, spreading false rumors, disrupting social order;

7) Propagating superstition, feudal customs, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism, and abetting criminals;

8) Publicly insult others or fabricate facts to slander others, or make other malicious attacks;

9) Reputation damage to state agencies;

10) Violations of the Constitution and other laws and administrative regulations.

7. In addition to complying with these terms and conditions, 

users should also comply with the relevant regulations in the comment area when posting user experience posts and discussing images.

8. Without 79joy' consent, users are strictly prohibited from posting any form of advertising on the website.


1. 79joy is obliged to maintain the normal operation of the entire online trading platform based on existing technology,

 and at the same time strive to improve and enhance technology so that users' online trading activities take place. came out smoothly;

2. For issues related to transactions or registration and feedback that users encounter during the registration

 process to use the 79joy online trading platform, 79joy will respond within a reasonable time;

3. For the following user behaviors on the 79joy site, 79joy has the right to 

delete relevant information and terminate service provision without the user's consent:

1) 79joy has the right to check the user's registration information and purchase behavior, 

and if there are any problems in the registration information or purchase behavior, 

79joy has the right to make requests to the user and notice requesting its correction or deletion;

2) If a user violates the provisions of this agreement or violates local laws and regulations, 

79joy has the right to stop transmitting and delete information, prohibit users from speaking,

 and cancel user accounts and information. Notify the relevant competent authority according to the provisions of law.

3) For the following acts performed by users at 79joy, 79joy has the right to take measures to restrict users such as deleting information, 

banning users from speaking and canceling user accounts: including posting or send by email or other means content that is harmful,

 false and violates the personal and property rights of others, perform activities not related to shopping or not intended for shopping, 

register as a member with bad intentions, comment, etc. attempt to disrupt the normal order of shopping as well as interfere with, 

destroy or restrict computer software, install software viruses or harmful computer code, 

files and program information of hardware functions or communications equipment, upload, publish,

 email or send by other means, interfere with or damage the 79joy website and services or the servers and networks

 connected to the website and services, or publish other information that violates public 

interests or may seriously damage the legitimate interests of 79joy and other users.

4. The User hereby grants 79joy, free of charge, the exclusive right to use (and has the right to sub-authorize), 

so that 79joy has the right to use, copy, modify, translate, publish (in whole or in part) section) and display all

 types of information published by users on the 79joy website worldwide, or create derivative works thereof, 

or incorporate the above information into other works of any kind. any form, media or technology now known or hereafter developed.

5. For products already available on the 79joy online platform, 

79joy has the right to modify product prices according to market changes without prior notice to customers.

6. 79joy shopping model adheres to the principle that both parties are willing to accept risks in shopping. 

79joy is not responsible for "lucky number" results. All users who want to participate should consider carefully.

7. For products that have not reached the "total number of participants" within 90 days, 

users can apply for a refund through customer service, 

and the refund will be transferred to the customer's account within 3 working days.


79joy will deliver the goods to the delivery address you specify. 

Free ship all over the country. Please fill in your real name, 

delivery address and contact information clearly and accurately. 

79joy will not be responsible for delayed or unsuccessful delivery due to the following cases and will resolve according to the agreement at point 4:

1. Customer provides incorrect information and incomplete address;

2. Failure to deliver goods without a signatory leads to re-shipping costs and related consequences.

3. Force majeure, such as natural disasters, martial law, war, etc.

4. If delivery cannot be completed for the above reasons, 

79joy will hold the goods on behalf of the user for free within 30 days.

 For more than 30 days, 79joy will charge a storage fee. If the storage fee equals the price of the product, 

79joy will sell the product to reimburse the storage fee. If the product is kept for more than 6 months, 

the user is considered to have abandoned the product. 79joy will sell this product, 

after deducting storage costs, all excess money will be donated to public welfare.

5. The user must fill in the delivery address within 7 days from the date of winning the prize.

 If not filled in after 7 days, it will be considered as giving up the prize,

 79joy will sell the product and the proceeds will be used on public welfare donations.


Due to market changes and other difficult-to-control factors,

 79joy cannot guarantee that the product the user wins will be in stock; 

If the goods or services the user wins are out of stock, neither party has the right to cancel the transaction, 

79joy will adopt effective methods to notify the user of the exchange and the user may

 choose to exchange equivalently priced goods or choose to compensate the price difference for higher priced goods. may conduct pre-sale registrations for goods or services that are about to go on sale, will use its best efforts to arrange delivery of the goods to the recipient as soon as 

possible after the goods or The service is officially opened for sale. Pre-sale registration does not process the transaction. 

Does not constitute a breach of contract.


1. Users understand and agree that during the process of using 79joy' services, 

risk factors such as force majeure may cause the service of the 79joy platform to be interrupted. 

Force majeure is an objective event that is unpredictable, irreparable, unavoidable and has a significant impact on one or both parties,

 including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods. floods, earthquakes, epidemics, storms and social events such as wars,

 riots, coups, etc. . When the above situation occurs, 79joy will endeavor to coordinate with relevant units in the early stages and

 make timely repairs, however 79joy will exclude liability to the extent permitted by law for damages caused. out to the user.

2. Users understand and agree that 79joy cannot foresee and prevent legal, technical and other uncontrollable risks at any time, 

and 79joy will not be responsible for any disruption. interruption or suspension of service due to one of the following cases:

(1) Large-scale damage caused by viruses, Trojans or other malicious programs, or hacker attacks;

(2) User or 79joy computer software, systems, hardware and transmission failures;

(3) Improper operation by the user;

(4) Users use the service in a manner not authorized by;

(5) Service interruption, data loss and other losses and risks may be caused by government control and other reasons.

(6) Other situations that cannot control or reasonably foresee.

3. To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, 

for any damage or economic loss resulting from the use of 79joy services,

 79joy' entire liability related to claims shall does not exceed the price of the goods purchased by the user. 

These limitations of liability provisions shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law and shall continue in effect after the user's status is revoked or terminated.


Network service content as defined by this website includes:

 all written content, software, sounds, images, videos, graphics and advertisements; all content of e-mail; 

Other information provided by this website to users. All of this content is protected by copyright, trademark,

 trademark and other proprietary laws. Therefore, users may only use these contents as permitted by this website and advertisers, 

and may not copy or reproduce these contents without permission or create derivative works. 

derivatives related to that content. Copyright of all articles on this website belongs to the author and this website.

 Anyone wishing to reprint articles on this website must obtain permission from the author or this website.


We will not provide, sell, rent, share or trade users' personal information to any third party.

 When the following cases occur, part or all of the user's personal information will be disclosed in good faith:

1. Disclosure to third parties with the user's consent;

2. If the user is a qualified intellectual property complainant and has filed a complaint, 

it will be announced to the complained person at the request of the complained person so that the two parties can resolve the dispute. 

Conflicts of interest may arise;

3. Disclosure to third parties or administrative or judicial organizations based

 on relevant provisions of law or requests of administrative or judicial organizations;

4. If the user violates the relevant law or website policy, it should be disclosed to a third party;

5. To provide the products and services you request, it is necessary to share your personal information with third parties;

6. Other disclosures deemed appropriate by this site under the law or site policies.


1. The conclusion, implementation and interpretation of this agreement and dispute resolution shall apply to Singapore law.

2. In the event that the terms of service on this site conflict with Singapore law, 

these terms will be completely reinterpreted in accordance with the law, while other legal terms will remain in effect. legal force and impact on users.

3. The terms of this agreement are valid. If any provision of this agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, 

that provision may be deleted and the remaining provisions shall be enforced.

4. If there is any dispute between the two parties regarding the content or implementation of this agreement, 

the two parties will try their best to resolve it through friendly negotiations. If negotiations fail, 

either party will can file a lawsuit in the people's court where 79joy is registered.